Q1. Who are you guys?
We're an experienced team that believes in the power of the Internet to do things that matter while creating things that people will use. We all live social lives and we are social creatures at heart. We believe that our online experiences should reflect these offline social experiences. Therefore, we're weaving social into everything we do. We're also trying to have a lot of fun along the way.

Q2. What exactly do you do on Fabbydeals?
Each day we email you a cool new deal - with an unbeatable price on great things to see, eat and do locally. Every deal has a tipping point - or a minimum number of people that must buy the deal- before the deal ends - or else no one gets the deal. We feature local spas, salons, restaurants, gyms, adventure activities, event tickets, and some off-the-wall experiences.

Q3. Why is there a tipping point for every deal?
We guarantee local businesses a minimum number of buyers so they feel more comfortable giving huge discounts. We're expanding their price-quantity quotient since we're organizing buyer strength in numbers.

Q4. Only one deal per day in each city?
That's right. We give the business exclusive positioning for that day. We're working hard to ensure there's enough variety day-in and day-out so there's something for you, or a great gift for someone you love/like/tolerate.We also run a side deal to carry over a popular deal from the day before to give you a last chance to deal with.

Q5. So I buy online?
Yes you do. You purchase using your credit card or PayPal account through our secure payment gateway.

Q6. Am I charged right away?
You enter you credit card info through our secure payment gateway right away, but we don't charge you until the deal tips. We authorize your card just like a hotel. Once the deal tips you get charged and we send you a receipt. If the deal never tips, this credit card authorization is cancelled and you are not charged.

Q7. How do I know it's safe to buy online?
Our Gateway provider adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, including: a) they verify that your internet browser is running Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher, b) Information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 168 bits (the highest level commercially available), and c) Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Q8. Can I return a purchase?
If a business closes down before the deal expires, we'll refund you. If you bought a deal that let you down big-time, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to resolve the issue with the vendor.

Q9. How can I get NTD in my city?
Get in touch with us and suggest your city. If there's enough interest and it's not too far off our roadmap then we'll look to move your way.

10. How do I get my business on NTD?
First, congratulate yourself on a great idea. Then, contact us.

Q11. What if the deal terms are different than your FAQs?
The terms in the deal fine print will always supercede anything you read in our FAQs.

Q12. When do I get my NTD?
We'll send you a link to print your Nail-it voucher the next business day after the deal closes.

Q13. How do I redeem?
You print the deal and redeem with the local business. They handle the redemption process. Be sure to fill in the redemption survey on the deal voucher. This helps us get you great deals.

Q14. Can I use my deal only on the deal day?
It doesn't work that way. You won't get your deal voucher until the next business day after the deal end. Most deals have a long expiry period (usually 3 months) so you'll have a good window to redeem your deal. Check the deal fine print so you don't miss out.

Q15. Can I "gift" the Deal?
You can. You can buy the fabbydeal for someone else through our site, or print the deal and give it to someone.

Q16. Does it matter whose name is on the Deal?
Nope. The local merchant will redeem the deal for the bearer - so don't lose it!

Q17. Can I split the value of the Deal across several visits?
Generally, no. That is up to the local merchant. Our terms say that the value must be used in one visit.

Q18. Can I use this Deal with other offers?
No. The Deal can't be combined with other deals or offers.

Q19. Does the Deal include service charge, municipality fees, taxes, tip?
Nope. Restaurant-Specific Certificates cannot be used for taxes, tips or prior balances, unless permitted by the local merchant. That said, if the deal Fine Print says that gratuity is included, then its included. Read carefully.

Q20. Can I use my Deal voucher with my friends who bought it too?
For sure. Keep in mind that restaurant deal are 1 voucher for every 2 people. Just make sure that if you're going in a big group to book in advance and read the deal Fine Print to make sure you and the merchant both end up with a great experience.

Q21. Can I pay with something other than a credit card?
Yup. You can get and use a PayPal account. You can check our contact details and drop-off cash or a cheque to our Dubai office. We'll sell you credits to use on the site toward purchases. We're looking to add other payments too, but since the credit card gateway is super-secure, whip out your card and start dealing.

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